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3 Things to Know Before Installing Radiant Barrier Insulation

3 Things to Know Before Installing Radiant Barrier Insulation

July 31, 2020

things to know before installing radiant barrier insulation

Radiant barrier insulation is being more commonly used, especially in hotter climates. It’s different from other insulation types as it uses reflective material to redirect heat from the home. This is particularly useful since radiant heat accounts for most heat gain in a home. However, like any other insulation material or type, it’s important to consider whether radiant barrier is suited to your needs or not. Here are some things to know before installing radiant barrier insulation.

1. Will it Actually Save You Money?

One of the great things about insulation is the savings that it brings. According to the Department of Energy, by adding proper insulation to your walls, attics, ceilings and crawlspaces you can save 20% on heating and cooling – and 10% on overall energy costs. So, when considering radiant barrier insulation, the question of savings is important, especially considering it’s a little bit different from standard insulation types. According to the Department of Energy, by installing radiant barrier insulation in your attic you can reduce cooling costs by 5 to 10% (or even more!). With the reduction in heat gain, you can use a smaller air conditioning system to stay cool.

2. Is it Right for My Climate?

If you live in a sunny area where the climate is generally on the warmer side, like Dallas, then radiant barrier insulation might be right for you. In fact, the DOE says that radiant barrier insulation will be more effective in hotter climates while thermal insulation is better for colder climates.

3. What Will the Installation Process Be Like?

Before we go into the details of the installation process, it is important to narrow down the cost of installing it. Installing radiant barrier insulation can cost, on average, about $1700. The highest costs can be around $2,840.

Radiant barrier insulation is supposed to be installed in your attic—unlike fiberglass or cellulose which is installed in other parts of your home. You can install radiant barrier in existing homes more easily if you have an open attic.

 According to the DOE, if you want to install radiant barrier by yourself, make sure you read manufacture instructions, building codes and take the right safety precautions. However, keep in mind that insulation can’t perform as well if you do not install it properly. So, if you would like the job done well so you can see savings in the future, consult a professional insulation contractor.

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