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How to Insulate Your Garage Door

How to Insulate Your Garage Door

August 29, 2019

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When thinking about insulating your home, chances are your garage door doesn’t even come up on the radar. However, there are several benefits to insulating your garage door. Plus, it’s a project most homeowners can do themselves.

The insulation experts at DFW Thermal are here to tell you how, and why, you should insulate your garage door. Read on to find out more!

Why You Should Insulate Your Garage Door

  • Increase Energy Efficiency

An uninsulated garage door lets a lot of air-conditioned air out of your home. Furthermore, it is nearly impossible to control the temperature of your garage without insulation.

Adding insulation to your garage door will prevent air-conditioned air from escaping, and it will help your garage stay at an appropriate temperature.

  • Reduce Noise

If your family members are ‘announced’ by the loud, grating sound of your garage door, you need insulation. Insulation will significantly reduce the sound created while operating the garage. Furthermore, if an insulated garage door is struck with an object, it will produce a dull ‘thud,’ not a loud crash.

  • Increase Durability

Much like how insulation can strengthen the walls of your home against high winds and inclement weather, it can also prevent dents and damage to your garage door.

What You’ll Need:

Be sure that you have all the materials you need on hand before starting your project.

Foam Board Insulation – Foam board insulation provides high insulation value yet is quite thin.

Tape Measure – You’ll need a tape measure in order to cut the insulation to the proper shape.

Retainer Pins – Retainer pins are what holds the insulation in place on your garage door.

Work Gloves – As you’ll be using knives, be sure to protect your hands with gloves.

Knives – To cut the insulation, use a utility knife.

Pens, Pencils – Have a pen or pencil on hand to mark your garage door and insulation panels.

Rag, Towel – You will need a rag to clean your garage door, then a towel to dry it thoroughly.

How to Insulate Your Garage Door

  • Wash the Door

The first thing you must do when installing garage door insulation is to wash the door. Over time, the garage door collects dirt, dust, and debris. These particles will make it harder for the retainer pins to adhere.

To wash your garage door, simply use a rag and soapy water to wipe off any dirt and dust. Then, using a towel, dry the door thoroughly.

  • Measure

Then, measure and mark where the retainer pin will go. Each retainer pin should be twelve inches from the side of each panel and in the exact middle of the height of the panel. Use a pen or pencil to mark the spots where the pins belong. There should be two spots marked on each panel.

  • Attach the Retainer Pins

Peel the adhesive backing off the retainer pins. Press the pins onto the marked spots on each panel.

  • Measure and Cut Insulation

Measure your foam board insulation to the size of each garage panel. Then, while wearing gloves, use a utility knife to cut the insulation to size.

  • Attach the Insulation

Keeping in mind where the retainer pins are, take a panel of insulation and push it into the garage door panel. Continue pressing until the retainer pin punctures through the board. Then, take the retaining cap and put it over the retainer pin to secure the foam panel to the garage door. Repeat these steps until all the foam panels are in place.

Need help insulating the rest of your house? Call us today!

While it is relatively simple to install insulation on your garage door, other insulation projects are more difficult to accomplish. If you need help insulating your home, call a professional.  DFW Thermal technicians are experts in insulation. Call us today at 214-731-3115 or schedule your appointment online.