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Seal Up Your Home for Fall

Seal Up Your Home for Fall

September 26, 2019

The first official day of fall was September 23rd, which means it’s finally autumn—even though it may not feel like it in the DFW area. Nevertheless, it is important you start thinking about the fun fall maintenance you’re going to do around your home. One thing that should be on your maintenance list is properly insulating your home for the colder months. Air leaks from the gaps and cracks around your home and your insulation can lead to outdoor air getting in your home. This can disrupt your indoor air quality and temperature and spike up your energy costs. To help you prevent this, the DFW Thermal team has a list of ways you can seal up your home for fall!

Insulate Your Attic and Attic Access Door

Keeping your attic well-insulated is incredibly important for your home. The attic is the highest place in your home, which increases the likelihood of indoor air escaping from it. Poor attic insulation can lead to the “stack effect” which occurs when indoor air escapes from the top of your home and outdoor air is sucked in from the bottom. In addition, poor attic insulation can lead to an increase in your energy bill. To prepare your insulation for this fall, the first thing you need to do is ensure your attic is well-insulated. You can do this by doing a visual inspection of the attic to make sure that the insulation is above or leveled with the floor joists. In addition, you will need to measure the R-Value of your attic insulation.

Air leaks can also occur through your attic access door. To prevent leaks from the opening to your attic, you can add insulation by using an attic stair cover. This cover looks a little like a rectangular tent made of foil and can be placed right behind the attic door. Some covers come with zippers to ensure complete insulation and easy accessibility.

Consider Insulating Your Garage Door

Your garage door can let out a lot of your indoor air. While sealing up your garage door might not come to mind at first, it can be a great way to insulate your home. Garage door insulation can protect your home from inclement weather, make your garage door sturdier and even prevent excess noise. You can add insulation to the door yourself using foam board insulation and retainer pins. Foam board insulation is great for garage doors as it has a high insulation value while being thin. Retainer pins are used to hold the insulation against the garage door panels.  

Seal Up Your Ducts

The ductwork in your home is vital to transferring heated or cool air throughout your home. Gaps, cracks or leaks in these ducts can lead to outdoor air messing with your home’s indoor air quality and temperature. According to the Department of Energy, ignoring duct leaks can lead to hundreds of dollars being added to your energy bill.

In order to seal up your ducts, it is best to have a professional come in and inspect them. While you might want to handle duct sealing yourself, ductwork is in hard-to-reach spots around your home such as your basement or crawlspace.

Seal Up Windows and Doors

Sealing your windows and doors is another effective and easy way to prevent indoor air from escaping. Use caulking to cover up any cracks around your window or doors and use weatherstripping to snugly seal up the openings of doors and windows.

Insulate Your Walls

Properly insulated exterior walls, such as the walls between your living space and garage, are a must-have to prevent any draftiness. Consider blown-in insulation for the exterior walls of your home, as it will allow you to add insulation without disturbing different parts of your home. You can also look into interior wall insulation—it can prevent excess moisture, mold and noise.

Seal Up Your Home for Fall with DFW Thermal!

Now that you know some of the ways you can seal up your home for fall, it’s time to get in touch with insulation experts. Look no further than our team at DFW Thermal! Our dedicated team of insulation professionals will ensure your home is properly insulated and sealed for the new season. Get in touch by calling us at 214-731-3115 or by scheduling an appointment online!