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7 Signs You Need Insulation Removal

7 Signs You Need Insulation Removal

June 21, 2019

signs you need insulation removal

It’s nearly July, and most families are feeling the heat in their homes, and in their checkbooks.

Proper insulation is the best way to save money on utilities this summer.  However, most homeowners don’t know how to check their insulation’s condition. The following tips from DFW Thermal’s insulation pros will help you assess whether you should consider removal.

1. Hot or Cold Spots

Insulation is designed to regulate the temperature of your home. If you have a boiling kitchen and a drafty living room, your insulation is not doing its job.

Insulation shifts over time, resulting in thick layers and thin spots. Air can penetrate your home through insulation gaps, resulting in cool or warm drafts. On the other hand, thick insulation often results in rooms that are too warm.

2. Unusually High Energy Bills

When insulation fails, the first sign is frequently found on a utility bill. Efficient and up-to-date insulation is one of the most effective money-saving home improvements you can make. So, if your insulation deteriorates, your energy bill accumulates.

3. Infestation

One of the signs you need insulation removal might walk in on four legs. Squirrels, rats, bugs, raccoons, and opossums frequently make their homes in the plush warmth of your insulation. Fecal droppings, holes in your insulation, and unusual smells are signs that a) you have an infestation and b) you need insulation removal.

4. An Old Home

Insulation technology has advanced rapidly in the last few decades. The material being installed today is more efficient and more durable than ever before.

If your home was built in the 1970’s or earlier, and the insulation has not yet been replaced, it’s time to consider removal. Insulation installed in the 70’s or before has likely deteriorated or could even contain harmful substances like asbestos.

5. Water Damage

As the saying goes, if you don’t like the weather in Texas, just wait five minutes. Our Dallas Fort Worth community is subject to sudden rainstorms and floods, especially in the summer months.

If your roof has a leak, or if your home was in the path of a flood, you need to replace your insulation. If even a small amount of water breaches your roof or walls, it will be soaked up by insulation. This compromises the effectiveness of the insulation and could lead to greater issues like mold growth.

6. Mold

Though we live in a dry environment, the DFW area is not immune to mold. Be it naturally occurring from the spores in the air or brought on by the presence of water, mold thrives in warm dark attic insulation.

Mold is a threat to your family’s health and cannot be removed without replacing your insulation.

7. Cold Interior Walls

The simplest test to assess the condition of your insulation is the touch test. Touch the interior walls of your home. Are they warm and dry? If not, your insulation has either deteriorated or is not nearly thick enough.

Need insulation removal? Contact us today!

If you have seen the signs you need insulation removal, DFW Thermal is here for you. Our neat, polite, and experienced technicians have provided the DFW area with quality insulation service since 1984. Call us at 214-731-3115, or schedule an appointment on our website