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Summertime Savings and Your Insulation

Summertime Savings and Your Insulation

May 22, 2020

summertime savings with insulation

If you want some serious summertime savings this year, consider starting with improving your insulation. Here are some tips brought to you by the pros at DFW Thermal on how you can use your insulation and air sealing techniques to save up on your energy bill this summer!

Do You Still Need Insulation During Summer?

Before we go ahead with the rest of the guide, we’d like to address a commonly asked question by homeowners getting insulation. A lot of people think that insulation is primarily important for the winter months. While it is important to have for colder seasons, it’s just as important to have in the summer. As heat travels from warm spaces to cooler ones, heat often makes its way inside your home from outside during the summer months. Having enough insulation material as well as having the right R-Value can keep the heat out and keep you and your family comfortable, no matter how hot it is outside.

So, in short, yes you still need insulation during the summer!

How to Save During the Summer with Insulation

If you’ve been wondering how you can save up during this season with your insulation, you have come to the right place. Here are some tips for some great summertime savings!

  • Inspect Your Attic

Air usually tends to escape from your attic, leading to high energy losses and a phenomenon called “the stack effect.” This occurs when indoor air is escaping from the top portion of your home and outdoor air is being sucked in from the bottom. To prevent these scenarios from happening, inspect your attic for insulation. Start off with a visual inspection—if the insulation material is at the same level or below the floor joists, that means you need new insulation material. If it is covering the floor joists for the most part, you have enough insulation material, but you need to measure its R-Value. Check out this guide by DFW Thermal to learn how to calculate your insulation’s R-Value!

  • Insulate Your Attic Door

If you want to go the extra mile with your attic insulation, consider insulating your attic door by using an attic stair cover. This cover, which resembles a tent made of aluminum foil, will seal up your attic door properly, preventing any air from escaping. Attic stair covers are often easy to install and even come with zipper to ensure easy access to your attic. Learn more about what an attic stair cover can do for you here.

  • Consider Radiant Barrier Insulation

If you want to completely switch up how you insulate your home, consider radiant barrier insulation.  Instead of using thermal resistance technology to insulate your home, radiant barrier takes a more reflective approach. Made of similar material as aluminum foil, radiant barrier insulation essentially reflects heat away from your home. It’s great for sunny climates and can reduce cooling costs by 5-10%.

Want more tips on how you can increase summertime savings using your insulation? Contact the pros at DFW Thermal. Call us today at 214-731-3115 or schedule a service online!