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What is Icynene Spray Foam? Does it Work?

What is Icynene Spray Foam? Does it Work?

April 5, 2019

what is icynene spray foam

As a homeowner, you know the efficiency of your HVAC system and quality of comfort in your house is only as good as your insulation. Considering how significantly insulation can impact your daily comfort and your heating and cooling bills, the type of insulation you choose is not a decision that should be taken lightly. If you are exploring spray foam insulation options, you may find yourself asking: “what is Icynene spray foam?” Well, the pros at DFW Thermal Solutions are well-versed in all matters concerning spray foam insulation and are here to provide some answers!

What is Icynene Spray?

To understand what Icynene spray foam is, you must first learn how it is distinguished from other types of spray foam insulation options. As it is typically compared to polyurethane foam, here are some distinguishing qualities that set Icynene foam apart from the rest:

Distinguishing Qualities:


Icynene is low in density and is an open-cell foam, meaning it expands after being applied. Icynene is an environmentally-friendly spray foam option, as it is made of organic chemical compounds from petroleum and is 100% water-blown.


Mixed on-site, Icynene foam spray can be injected into small holes, or drilled into plaster or gypsum wall cavities from the interior or exterior. Best used to fill studded walls, ceilings and floors, Icynene foam spray expands up to 100 times its original volume within the 4-10 seconds it is applied.


Because of its open-cell structure, Icynene foam can accommodate the movement of buildings that expand and contract during temperature changes. Additionally, Icynene foam spray seals air leaks, offers a lower GWP (global warming potential), and helps vapor permeability for bi-directional drying in warm climates/seasons.


As an open-cell foam, Icynene is designed to provide a flexible air barrier that seals walls, floors, and ceiling cavities against air movement. Because it can move with the expanding and contracting of a building during temperature changes, this type of foam spray is the best insulation option for warm, humid climates.

Does it Work?

The effectiveness of Icynene foam spray insulation depends upon the conditions of the space you are insulating. As previously mentioned, Icynene can be sprayed in damp conditions and is more flexible than rigid forms of polyurethane. Therefore, if you are looking for a foam that can create an effective barrier between moist, warm outdoor air and cool indoor air, Icynene foam spray is a good option to consider.

Ready to Put Icynene Foam to the Test?

Call the pros at DFW Thermal Solutions! With years of proudly serving Texas homeowners under our belt, our knowledgeable team can tackle any of your home insulation needs. For help from experienced experts you can trust, call us today at 972-382-7124 or fill out a service request form on our website!