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Why is My Upstairs so Hot?

Why is My Upstairs so Hot?

June 12, 2020

why is upstairs so hot

Does the top floor of your home always seem warmer than the bottom? There might be several reasons for that! So, if you have been asking yourself why its always so hot upstairs, keep reading this blog by the pros at DFW Thermal. We have a couple answers as to why there’s such an inconsistency in temperature and some suggestions on how you can fix it!

Some Reasons Why Your Second Floor is So Hot

  • Hot Roof

If you live in a particularly sunny climate like the Dallas Fort-Worth area, then you might be dealing with a hot roof. The suns rays consistently beat down on your roof and if you don’t have proper insulation, the heat might go to your attic and make its way on to the second floor of your home.

  • Inadequate HVAC System

Generally, your HVAC unit is supposed to absorb any hot air indoors and remove the heat and humidity in it. However, there might be several factors that prevent this from happening. First, there could be excess hot air in your home which will force your HVAC unit to work overtime, effectively reducing its efficiency. Second, your HVAC unit might not be as well-maintained as it needs to be, which means it might be wearing out. Lastly, your unit might be the wrong size for your home.

  • Air Leaks

If there are air leaks in your windows, doors or ductwork, hot air will easily make its way inside your home and cause your second floor to be hotter.


  • Inspect for Insulation—Install if Needed

Check your home for insulation, especially your attic—insulation is important here as air has the highest likelihood of escaping from here. Check out this guide by the pros at DFW Thermal to learn about the process of inspecting for attic insulation. If you notice that the insulation in your home is lacking, make sure to consult an insulation contractor you trust. They will tell you about the steps you should take!

Pro tip: Consider radiant barrier insulation if you live in a sunny area where the heat is constantly beating down on your roof!

  • Change Your Air Filter and Maintain Your HVAC Unit

If you maintain your air conditioner, it is bound to last longer and perform better. Start by changing your air filter—it is one of the easiest ways to maintain your AC and even reduce your AC’s energy consumption. Inspect your outdoor unit and clean it using coil cleaner and water—trim any vegetation around it as well. If you want to take a step further, have your HVAC unit professionally maintained and inspected. HVAC technicians will spot any other problems that might worsen your AC’s performance overtime.

  • Cover Up Air Leaks

Check your doors and windows for any worn-out weatherstripping. If you notice the material sealing up your doors and windows is old, you can easily get some new material from your nearest home improvement store.

Have any more questions? Get in touch with the pros at DFW Thermal! Call us today at 214-731-3115 or schedule a service with us online!