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Why You Should Hire an Insulation Professional

Why You Should Hire an Insulation Professional

October 31, 2019

Hire an Insulation Professional

Home insulation serves many purposes. Not only does it save energy and money, but it keeps the temperature consistent and comfortable throughout your home. In addition, it can protect your home from moisture and any loud external noises. In short, insulation is important! Because of how vital it is for your home, it is best to hire an insulation contractor to install insulation for you. While you might be inclined to install it yourself to save on costs, an insulation professional will properly install insulation, making less room for any mistakes. If you’re not fully on-board with hiring an insulation professional, let the pros at DFW Thermal give a more detailed explanation of why you should hire an insulation professional.

Knowledge, Experience and Training

With professionals you get professional installation and the proper handling of insulation. Insulation professionals are licensed experts who are aware of the dangers of installing insulation. They take proper safety measures and are aware of the hazards of electrical wiring, fixtures and the fact that insulation can be a carcinogen when handled improperly. In addition, they are familiar with the different types of insulation, their costs, their pros and cons and which type would be suitable for your home. You might think you’re saving money by installing insulation on your own—but if you make a mistake or install it improperly, you might be dealing with costlier problems in the future.  

Higher Quality

If you are planning on installing insulation on your own, you will most likely end up purchasing insulation and renting insulation equipment from a local home improvement or hardware store. However, sometimes this equipment might not offer you the best quality or the newest technology. With low quality equipment and limited knowledge, you might not be able to install insulation in a way that is best for your home. However, professionals have knowledge about the latest and best insulation equipment and will use these tools to install insulation properly.

Financing Options

DIY projects are often associated with saving costs. However, when it comes to renting out equipment or purchasing insulation from home improvement stores, you will have little to no financing options. But with insulation companies, you can get financing options such as discounts and coupons. By investing in professional insulation, you can get properly installed insulation while saving money. In addition, you will start getting a return on investment in 3-4 years—professionally installed insulation will give you your money’s worth!

Improved Energy-Efficiency

According to the Department of Energy, by getting your attic, basement and floors insulated you can save up to 20 percent on heating and cooling and 10 percent on overall energy costs. With professionally installed insulation, you can ensure energy-efficiency throughout your home.

Contact the Professionals at DFW Thermal!

Now that you know why you should hire an insulation professional, it’s time to start looking for contractors. If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, look no further than DFW Thermal. Our knowledgeable and experienced experts will ensure your home’s insulation is properly installed for optimum energy-efficiency and comfort. Get in touch with us today by calling 214-731-3115 or by scheduling an appointment online!